Best Canadian Studies Undergraduate Essay/Thesis (2024)

Description: This prize is awarded annually to an outstanding interdisciplinary undergraduate research-based essay written by a full-time or part-time undergraduate student enrolled in a Canadian university for an outstanding essay on a Canadian subject.

Award: The winner will receive a $75 prize and a one-year membership in the CSN

Nomination: Only Canadian Studies Department or Programs that are institutional members in good standing of the CSN-REC can submit an essay for consideration. Only one essay per program or department can be submitted each year. Essay/theses should not bear any comments, grades, or other notations and should be a minimum of 15 pages in length, not including citations and references. Full contact information for both the student and the nominating faculty must be included in the package, along with contact information for the program submitting the nomination. The essays/theses must be submitted electronically to the CSN no later than 30 June. Entries must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Eligibility: The essay must have been written as part of an undergraduate credit course at a Canadian University during the academic year immediately before this prize is awarded.
Selection: A three-member interdisciplinary panel composed of CSN-RÉC members will select one winner and when appropriate, an honourable mention. The selection panel reserves the right not to award the prize in any given year. The winner will normally be announced by the CSN in September. There will be no appeals of the panel's decision.


Previous winners of this prize

Christine Cooling, Reimagining Broadcasting Policy in a Networked Canada: Debating Digital Sovereignty and Democratic Reform

Emmaleigh Dew, Indigenous Dissent as Significant Threat to Canadian Security

Emily Belmonte, Understanding Treaty One: Subsistence and Survival, 1871-1881

Kenya Thompson, The Informal Economy as Political Space: Childcare as Prefigurative Activism in Canada

Evania Pietrangelo-Porco, Sex and the City Streets: Intersections of Politics, Morality, Race, and Community in Vancouver, 1983 – 1989

Emese Sykes, Finding Community in Black Canadian Literature

Claire Stewart-­Kanigan, Accomplices or Appropriation” Theorizing Indigenous-­‐Settler Partnerships in Anti-­‐Colonialism in Decolonizing Street Art 2014 in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal)

Jaya Bordeleau-Cass, The War Between Oil and Water: an Analysis of Anti-shale Gas Resistance in Kent County, New Brunswick