Craig Dobbin Legacy Programme

The Craig Dobbin Legacy Programme (CDLP) is an initiative of the Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF), the UCD Centre for Canadian Studies, and UCD’s College of Arts and Humanities. The programme, which marks the end of the Craig Dobbin Visiting Chair in Canadian Studies at UCD, aims at planting the seeds for a whole new phase of UCD’s engagement with scholars and universities in Canada, and Canadian Studies over the coming years.

The CDLP has two distinct strands: strand one is the Craig Dobbin Legacy Scholarships, and strand two is a series of high-profile lectures that will take place in Ireland and in Canada. Details of the lecture series will be shared in the coming months.

Scholarships Details

The Craig Dobbin Legacy Scholarships support individual scholars on 2-4 week research trips between Ireland and Canada. This scheme will award 30 scholarships in total, 15 of the scholarships will be awarded to UCD scholars who wish to conduct research in Canada, and the remaining 15 will support Canadian scholars pursuing research in Ireland supported by UCD.  The programme welcomes applications that align with key research themes of the College of Arts and Humanities from scholars across all academic fields. 

Applicants must be either (a) UCD scholars seeking to conduct research in Canada, or (b) Canadian scholars seeking to come to UCD to conduct research. It is a requirement that applicants have at minimum a Masters degree.

The Craig Dobbin Legacy Scholarships are administered by the Ireland Canada University Foundation. More information about eligibility, assessment, FAQs are available at: 

The due date for application is Wednesday, 29th May 2024 (2300 hrs GMT / 1800 hrs EST).

Contact Information:
For more information on the Craig Dobbin Legacy Programme and how to apply for the Craig Dobbin Legacy Scholarships, please visit: 

You may also contact UCD Centre for Canadian Studies director, Dr. J. Paul Halferty for further details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please feel free to share the details of the CDLP widely.

Best wishes,

J. Paul Halferty