CSN-REC Policy on funding graduate students outside of Canada to attend Canadian conferences

**Please note that we have recently funded a number of international student research presentations and we are not currently accepting requests for funding under the Student Support Policy.

Graduate students studying at universities outside of Canada can apply for funding to assist with the costs of participating in either:

Canadian Studies conferences or conferences deemed by the selection of the CSN-REC awards committee to have themes and content relevant to the study of Canada/furthering the field of Canadian Studies. We do not normally fund participants in discipline specific conferences to be held in Canada. Contingent on available funds a maximum of $1000 CAN can be awarded available to students to support travel (normally limited to economy airfare and ground transportation). Preference will be given to members of national Canadian Studies Associations. A student can apply for these funds only once in their career as a graduate student.

Normally applicants must do the following a minimum of 6 weeks in advance of their proposed departure date: (Applications received later than this timeframe will not be considered for support).

1. Send electronically an application (on institutional letterhead) that indicates the following:

· They have had a paper accepted at a relevant academic conference to be held in Canada.
· The details of the conference to be attended and how their proposed paper/involvement links to the theme of the conference and contributes to the study of Canada/Canadian Studies.
· The abstract of their proposed paper. If not presenting a paper, the exact nature of participation must be clearly detailed and supported with confirmation from the conference organizers.
· A detailed budget of anticipated expenses and sources of other support being pursued/committed. A statement of the expenses being claimed, boarding passes and receipts must be submitted with any claim for travel.
· They will be an active participant in all aspects of the conference. (Supported participants are required to be present for the full length of the conference.)
· What stage they are at in their graduate studies and what their intended completion date is.
· Detail (in about 100 words) what they see will be the benefits of their attendance at the conference for themselves AND furthering links between the Canadian Studies scholarly communities both within Canada and abroad, and how they intend to ensure that there will be concrete outcomes from their participation towards that goal.

2. Additional materials required:
· A letter from their supervisor supporting their participation at this conference. Full contact details of the supervisor must be included in the letter. Pdf format is acceptable.
3. Supported students must submit a 500 to 800 word report in English or French on the conference and their participation in it. This report will be published in the next issue of the CSN-REC newsletter. Accompanying good quality photographs are encouraged. No reimbursement will be issued until the report, and a statement of expenses with all appropriate receipts are submitted. If these are not received within three months of the conference support will be withdrawn. Funds will be paid out in Canadian dollars.

Applications are to be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is no appeal process. All decisions by the CSN-REC Awards Committee are final. No more than two students will be supported for attendance at any one conference.

Approved November 7, 2011.