The GHI awards short-term research fellowships to European and North American doctoral students as well as postdoctoral scholars to pursue research projects that draw upon primary sources principally located in North America. We are particularly interested in research projects that fit into the following fields:

German and European history
The history of German-American relations
The role of Germany and the USA in international relations
North American history and Pan American, including Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (European doctoral and postdoctoral scholars only)
The proposed research projects should make use of historical methods and engage with the relevant historiography. We especially invite applications from doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars who currently have no funding from their home institutions. The fellowships are usually granted for periods of one to five months but, in exceptional cases and depending on the availability of funds, they can be extended by one month.


The GHI has two deadlines each year for the fellowships: April 1 and October 1.