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We are excited to announce that the newest issue of The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography (JUE vol. 9 no. 2) has been published, with six original articles by undergraduate students conducting ethnographic research on biomimicry in a fly-breeding factory in South Africa (Charlie Drew), discourses of self-care (Quinci Adams) and identities of people with vitiligo (Hamna Khuld) in the United States of America, post-Soviet youth mobility and identity in the Netherlands (Olga Bostan and Ilya Malafei), young Italians’ ways of insulting each other (Eleonora Colzani), and surveillance in commercial spaces in the United Kingdom (Jonathan Fuller). In addition, Martha Radice, Editor-in-Chief, provides a twelve-step guide to the process of publishing an article in the JUE.


The cover photo for this issue comes from Charlie Drew’s fieldsite, AgriProtein. Thanks to Dalhousie University social anthropology graduate students Briana Kelly and Alastair Parsons for their editorial assistance and to Dalhousie University Libraries for hosting the JUE through the Open Journals Systems platform. Thanks also to the stalwart members of our Senior Editorial Board, who review the articles submitted to the JUE.

JUE 9(2) Contents

The Twelve-Step Guide to Publishing in the JUE

Martha Radice, Editor-in-Chief, Dalhousie University

From Maggots to Millions: Biomimicking the Fly to Feed Humanity from its Waste in the 21st Century

Charlie Drew, Durham University


“No Amount of Baths Is Gonna Make You Feel Better”: Seeking Balance, Wholeness, and Well-being in Everyday Self-Care

Quinci Adams, Goucher College


Vitiligo: Challenging Cultural Assumptions and Shaping Identity

Hamna Khuld, Montclair State University


“The Soviet Union Is Inside Me”: Post-Soviet Youth in Transition

Olga Bostan & Ilya Malafei, University College Maastricht


“Don’t Be a Son of a Bitch, Stand Up and Get What You Need”: Understanding Italian Young Adults’ Identity through Insults

Eleonora Colzani, Saint Louis University—Madrid Campus


Blurred Boundaries and Strategic Surveillance: Regulating Behaviour in Bristol’s Commercialised Spaces

Jonathan Fuller, University of Bristol


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