IPPH (CIHR) / ISSP (IRSC) - New Funding Opportunity | Nouveau opportunité de financement

Catalyst Grant : Moving Upstream: Structural Determinants of Health

Research Areas

This funding opportunity will support projects relevant to the following research areas:
General Pool
Ecological Determinants of Health Inequities
Commercial Determinants of Health Inequities
Structural Racism and Health Inequities
Structural Determinants of Ageism
Structural Determinants of Cancer Inequities
Structural Determinants of Sex, Gender and Health Inequities
Structural Determinants of Substance Use in Youth
Structural Determinants of Inequities in Infection and Immunity
Structural Determinants of Inequities in Human Development, Child and Youth Health
Structural Determinants of Indigenous Health and Wellness
Structural Determinants of Health in HIV/AIDS and STBBI
Structural Determinants of Health – Patient-Oriented Research Approach

Funds Available

The total amount available for this funding opportunity is $4,000,000, enough to fund approximately 32 grants. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate. The maximum amount per grant is $125,000 per year for 1 year.

This funding opportunity will be led by CIHR - Institute of Population and Public Health, in partnership with the Institute of Aging, the Institute of Infection and Immunity, the Institute of Cancer Research, the Institute of Health Services and Policy Research, the Institute of Gender and Health, the Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction, the Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health, the CIHR HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections Research Initiative, the Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, and the Canadian Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research.

Anticipated Timelines

These timelines are estimates and subject to change.

Launch: June 11, 2024
Application Deadline: October 9, 2024
Funding Start Date: Spring 2025