Call for Proposals - Foundation German-American Academic Relations

Call for Proposals 2019/2020


The Stiftung Deutsch-Amerikanische Wissenschaftsbeziehungen (SDAW/Foundation on German-American Academic Relations) is soliciting proposals for research projects related to transatlantic relations and/or to issues of concern on both sides of the Atlantic. The Foundation seeks to foster closer ties between scholars in Germany and North America and believes that such collaboration will be productive for scholarship and for building on the historical pillars of strong transatlantic relations.


This call for proposals is aimed at scholars working in the disciplines of the Social Sciences (in particular Political Science or International Relations and Sociology), Law and History, but other related fields are welcome as well, as are interdisciplinary proposals. We invite scholars from North America and Germany to propose collaborative projects to be carried out by junior scholars or a combination of junior and senior scholars on both sides of the Atlantic.


The Foundations is not prioritizing any research themes in particular. Yet in general terms topics which are of relevance to transatlantic relations substantively or to a transatlantic research agenda in scholarly fields would normally be given preference. Both more theoretical and policy relevant proposals will be considered.


Funding will be considered for a variety of formats. We only list a few illustrative ones here: (a) initiating or implementing more fully developed collaborative research; (b) organizing workshops or conferences in order to prepare articles for submission to journals or an edited volume; (c) funding book incubators to help early-career scholars with their first books by bringing in experts from both Germany and North America to provide detailed feedback on a manuscript draft. Other innovative formats will also be considered as long as they foster German-American collaborations and involve young scholars from both sides of the Atlantic. Preference will also be given to innovative project ideas with smaller budgets since SDAW funding is normally considered to be seed money. Applications to other foundations along similar research lines is not only possible, but encouraged. Please specify any such plans in your proposals.


Proposals should include a standardized title page (see following page), a detailed description of the project idea (up to three, single-spaced pages) as well as short CVs of scholars included in the proposal (up to two pages per person). Proposals should be submitted by e-mail as one pdf document. Incomplete proposals cannot be considered.


The closing date for the receipt of proposals is August 30, 2019. Decisions on proposals will be made in the fall of 2019.


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