Hearing More Voices: English-Canadian Women in Print and on the Air, 1914-1960

Peggy Kelly and Carole Gerson are pleased to announce the release of Hearing More Voices: English-Canadian Women in Print and on the Air, 1914-1960. Tecumseh Press, 2020.

This book analyzes the working lives and professional output of female Canadian broadcasters, authors of radio plays, novelists, humourists, historians, journalists, and poets who produced much of the middlebrow and modernist culture of the period. While some of these women have been well recognized, most have yet to receive due acknowledgement. During the middle decades of the twentieth century, Canadian women in the broadcasting and publishing industries faced material and evaluative repercussions from systemic discrimination in the law, in the cultural arena, and in the workplace. Repercussions included the suppression of their names from the literary canon and the devaluation of domestic themes in literature and the media. Readers of Hearing More Voices will discover how these female writers, broadcasters, and authors of radio drama, from all regions of Canada and from various cultural groups, developed entrepreneurial strategies to survive during challenging economic times and adapted to the changing cultural and political landscape of 1914 to 1960.


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