Congratulations to Valerie J. Korinek whose book Prairie Fairies is the 2019 winner of the Canadian Studies Network Best Book in Canadian Studies Prize!

This prize is awarded to an outstanding scholarly book on a Canadian subject and that best advances our knowledge and understanding of Canada and Canadian Studies. This award is intended to recognize work written by members of the Canadian Studies Network-Réseau d'études canadiennes. The CSN-RÉC will nominate Dr. Korinek's book for the Pierre Savard Award offered by the International Council for Canadian Studies.

The CSN jury remarks: “The winner of the 2019 CSN-REC Best Book Prize is Valerie J. Korinek, for Prairie Fairies: A History of Queer Communities and People in Western Canada, 1930-1985. Corralling an impressive range of oral, archival, and cultural material, Korinek offers a fascinating account of vibrant, disparate LGBTTQ communities on the Prairies. Her book draws the histories of queer people from the margins, enriching our knowledge and understanding of the Prairie West, while at the same time offering a valuable corrective to the “metronormative” narrative of much queer history, emphasizing instead the cultures that have flourished in small cities and rural areas. Theoretically informed and engaged, Prairie Fairies is written in a highly accessible manner that still does justice to the complexity of the histories it reveals”.