Un appel à projets étudiants international pour imaginer des quartiers de ville écologiques et vibrants / A global competition for universities and students to share their vision for green & thriving city neighbourhoods

"Students Reinventing Cities"

Dans le cadre de l’initiative Students Reinventing Cities, 18 métropoles mondiales ont identifié des petits quartiers, des places ou des rues qu'elles souhaitent transformer. La Ville de Montréal invite quant à elle des équipes multidisciplinaires d'étudiants à imaginer des projets tirant parti de la structure des quartiers historiques des Faubourgs, dans le but de développer un projet modèle de la transition écologique sur ces friches industrielles et institutionnelles.


Students Reinventing Cities provides a unique opportunity for academics and students to collaborate with global cities. Together they will imagine a more sustainable and inclusive vision for cities everywhere, by rethinking how neighborhoods are planned and designed.

This competition comes at a key moment – we know that the next decade will determine whether we can avoid runaway climate change. Across the world, cities are strengthening their climate commitments and actions. They are developing an ambitious agenda for a green and just recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and building a broad coalition with youth climate activists, representatives from labour, business, academia and civil society.

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