Call for Abstracts- ARCTICNET panel on labour

ArcticNet 2024: Ottawa, ShawConference Center: December 9-12, 2024
Session Title: Labour and Workforce Development in the Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities
Session Theme: Northern Policy and Development
Organizer: Dr. Gabrielle A. Slowey, York University

Description: The Arctic is witnessing an increase in extraction and activities that require skilled labour. However, there is an important shortage of skilled tradespeople and labour across various Arctic regions. Many state governments have made meeting labour demands a priority and have launched new programs designed to train and hire local and Indigenous peoples. At the same time, various labour, community and business initiatives have taken important steps to reduce the diversity gap and offer skills training and employment opportunities. This session looks at these efforts and asks: What are the challenges and opportunities that exist in trying to increase the number of Indigenous peoples participating in the labour market? We invite papers from across different disciplines (geography, politics, labour, history, environment, law) and different Arctic regions to contribute to this session.

Abstracts should be 100 words and include author information, title, etc..
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