Dear Friends and Colleagues,
After a lengthy Covid-related delay, we are very pleased to release our new issue of Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies. Volume 3, Issue 1 (Spring-Summer 2023), special theme Mythmaking and Storytelling Among Matricultures, is available at this URL:

Please share widely among your networks! This is a great issue with research articles, creative contributions, personal reflections on the theme, a book review, and two announcements. The Table of Contents is included below. I particularly recommend the Introduction by Marie-Françoise Guédon, available in both English and French.

A reminder that the deadline for our new Call for Papers, special theme Women and Water: The Flow of Matriculture, is 15 June 2023 (

Keep an eye open for our next issue, which will be devoted to Warfare and Peacemaking Among Matricultures. It will be coming out in Autumn 2023!

Best regards,

Linnéa Rowlatt, PhD

Managing Editor, on behalf of the Editorial Collective

Matrix: A Journal for Matricultural Studies