Call for Papers
War College of the Seven Years’ War at Fort Ticonderoga
May 17-19, 2024

2024 marks the 250th anniversary of the last year before war broke out once again across North America, eventually evolving into the American War of Independence. Despite being the year before the hostilities of the American Revolution, 1774 also marks the last year of the often-tense decade of peace since the end of the global Seven Years’ War. This earth shattering conflict, spread across more of the globe that any previously, had shaken up power structures from Madrid to Missouri to Manila with profound consequences for millions across the world. To explore the events of that conflict, and their repercussions, Fort Ticonderoga seeks proposals for papers broadly addressing the period the Seven Years’ War for its Twenty-Eighth Annual War College of the Seven Years’ War to be held May 17-19, 2024.

We seek new research and perspectives of one of the most important military and political events of its era, covering a diverse range of topics and perspectives from across the global Seven Years’ War. We welcome paper proposals from established scholars in addition to graduate students, museum professionals, and others that relate to the origins, conduct, and legacy of the Seven Years’ War. We are especially interested in topics and approaches that engage the international quality of the conflict as well as representing the variety of peoples and places involved.

We welcome interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives covering the period from at least the 1740s to the 1760s. Papers may include or engage:

• Material Culture
• Biographical Analysis
• Campaign Histories
• Archaeological Investigations
• Cultural, Social, and Political Ramifications
• Indigenous Populations

Sessions are 30 minutes in length followed by 10 minutes for audience questions. Fort Ticonderoga may provide speakers with partial travel reimbursement. Please submit a 300 word abstract and CV by email by July 31, 2023 to Richard M. Strum, Director of Academic Programs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.