Call for proposals for Civilisations Journal: Special Issue on "Anthropology and Photography"

Dear colleagues,


For our next special issue (volume 72, 2023), we are looking for contributions that explore the technical, methodological, social, political, scientific and ethical aspects arising from the use of photography in anthropological research, as well as reflections on the questions raised by the “persistence of images” (Le Gall 2014) that go beyond the contexts of academic production. This issue seeks to explore the relation between the anthropological desire to understand humankind, and the practice of photography and will feature articles focusing on the photographic process from four different angles, which may be interpreted quite broadly: 1-The anthropologist-photographer, 2-The anthropologist and photographies, 3-Photographic anthropology, 4-Anthropology in photographs.


This special issue is coordinated by Pierre Petit (ULB) and Mikaëla Le Meur (ULB & EHESS)


Submissions for articles may be sent in French or British English, and should include a title, a summary (500 words maximum) of the proposed article, 5-6 keywords, as well as 3 or 4 photographs. The journal also accepts suggestions for book reviews linked to the central theme, as well as review articles covering multiple recent publications on this topic. All submissions should be sent:

by 13 December 2022

to the journal editorial assistant, Isabelle Renneson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Call for proposals in English and in French: