Call for Proposals: New Directions in Political Leadership in Canada

The challenges facing today’s political leaders are significant and complex. Leaders matter in politics as in business, and Canada has a long tradition of executive dominance in its government. Yet there are surprisingly few efforts to bring together the work of scholars currently engaged in studying political leadership. This is especially puzzling because there are many new theories, approaches and case studies informing the modern study of political leadership.

We invite authors who are taking new directions, generating new accounts, or using new methods to studying political leadership to submit a short proposal of about 500 words outlining a book chapter for a new edited collection tentatively titled “New Directions in Political Leadership in Canada.” To help keep the volume’s central theme coherent and to generate interest in the collection, authors are to address these core questions clearly: 1) what is new about how you are studying leadership in your proposed chapter?; 2) how does the novel approach/theory/data/case study you employ help us better understand leaders and leadership in Canada?; 3) what sorts of future studies should follow the one with which you are now engaging?

Please submit your proposal in Word format to Dr. Anna Esselment, as below, and reach out if you have any questions. Reviewing proposals will begin on October 30th and the final proposal deadline is November 15, 2022. Dr. Anna Esselment, Associate Professor Department of Political Science University of Waterloo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.