CFP: Refrigeration: retelling cold in a time of global warming (NEFC 2022)


Dear All,

I would like to draw your attention to the call for papers for the Nordic Ethnology and Folklore Conference (June 2022) and our panel entitled: Refrigeration: Retelling cold in a time of global warming.


Please see the details below and do consider submitting an abstract and/or circulating to interested parties. Paper proposals are submitted via the link below. Thanks!



Short Abstract:

In a time of global warming, ways of living with cold are challenged. This panel focus on the culture and history of cold with a particular interest in the relation to a changing climate. How has refrigeration influenced everyday practices and what happens to these when cold is under threat?


Long Abstract

We are surrounded by heat and cold in our everyday lives. We conform, adjust to, and strive for temperatures in relation to our indoor environments, clothing, cooking, storing and choice of vacation destinations. Managing and mastering cold and heat is thus intimately connected to practices concerning survival and sustainability, especially in the context of global warming. Warming has previously been suggested as a cultural analytical tool or metaphor to think about change and continuity (Ger 2007); here we wish to turn focus on the opposite, the cooling, or more specifically refrigeration. We wish to explore the culture and history of refrigeration from different perspectives with particular interest in relation to a changing climate. A central question is how refrigeration has influenced and become integrated into everyday practices and narratives and what happens to these when cold is under threat.


We welcome papers on topics relating to, but not limited to:

• Production, commodification, and consumption of ice and refrigeration technology

• Living with and managing cold

• Sensing cold

• Refrigeration and freezing practices, for example air-conditioning, food storage, ice halls, sports and recreation, laboratory work.

• The folklore of cold and refrigeration

• Power relations and social inequalities in access and use of refrigeration

• Natural vs artificial cold



Convenors: Flora Bartlett & Matilda Marshall

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(NOTE: proposals must be submitted through the nomadit page and not via email).


Flora Mary Bartlett
Visual Anthropologist
Affiliated with Stockholm University
And Goldsmiths, University of London