Teaching & Learning Anthropology Website: Call for Teaching Resources


The Teaching and Learning Anthropology website invites submissions of digital teaching resources from across the subfields.

Most teaching resources fall into one of three categories:

Teaching strategies: practical instructional strategies that include applicable techniques or lesson plans.
Teaching reflections: reflections on theoretical, philosophical or ideological issues relating to teaching and learning in anthropology.
Teaching tools: an activity, worksheet, film, website, article, book or other material that can be used by anthropology educators.
Reasons you might want to publish:

Our content is very searchable and boosts authors' online visibility.

Our teaching resources count as editor-reviewed publications.

We welcome creativity and are very flexible with deadlines.

We publish content in Spanish and other languages.

Our content is open source and free.

Texts are 500-1,000 words.


Visit the TLA Website (https://teachinglearninganthro.org/) to see examples of our exciting teaching resources!

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