CFP: Heritage Imaginaries - Situated knowledge, local-to-global connections, and frictions

IUAES2021 Yucatan (Online)

‘Heritages, global interconnections in a possible world’

9-13 November 2021




Heritage Imaginaries: Situated knowledge, local-to-global connections, and frictions



Noel B. Salazar (KU Leuven, Belgium) & Ana E. Astudillo (University of Cuenca, Ecuador)



IUAES Commission on Intangible Cultural Heritage

IUAES Commission on Museums and Cultural Heritage

IUAES Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism



Heritage imaginaries are socially shared representational assemblages of situated knowledge. Emerging from interactions within and between networks, they are complex and potentially conflictive, confronting hegemonic discourses and practices of heritage with diverse and polemic alternatives. It is important to critically analyze the role of anthropology and heritage practitioners in the dissemination and consolidation of heritage imaginaries. This panel therefore invites scholars to reflect on how the imagineering of heritage (be it material or intangible, cultural or natural) plays a pivotal role in privileging some imaginaries over others and thus enduring identity ideologies? This panel calls to overcome institutionalized notions of (what is assumed as) heritage by shifting the locus of expression and production of heritage imaginaries from an emic perspective grounded in a sense of belonging to an imagined community creating novel ways of ancestrality and subalterities. Engaging with the main theme of the congress, we want to discuss local-to-global interconnections in terms of heritage exchanges and practices that are shaped by cultural hybridizations and frictions at different scales. Likewise, we want to scrutinize the role of heritage imaginaries within ongoing economic crises and socio-environmental conflicts in postcolonial contexts and, on a global scale, the predicament generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, the panel pays attention to appropriate methodologies to study and disentangle the complexity and diversity of heritage imaginaries, exploring their potential as sources of contestation, driving social claims and creativity to face societal challenges. In sum, this panel invites ethnographic and conceptual contributions that address how territorialities and ontologies shape heritage imaginaries, paying particular attention to native peoples' ways of imagining and reinventing heritage. For example, think of the Andes and Mesoamerica, where native people's heritage is enmeshed in the construction of a historical subject and an ethnic-community in tension with official colonial history.


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