Call for Papers: Reconciling Multiculturalism in Today's Canada

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, the Kule Institute for Advanced Studies, and l’Institut Marcelle et Louis Desrochers pour le patrimoine et les recherches transdisciplinaires en francophonies canadiennes et internationals (IMELDA) at the University of Alberta announce a national symposium on
Reconciling Multiculturalism in Today's Canada
12-14 November 2021
University of Alberta - Edmonton, AB

2021 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Canada’s policy of multiculturalism. Adopted in 1971 in response to growing pressure for more recognition from various Canadian constituencies, the policy of multiculturalism brought about significant and lasting changes in Canadian society. We believe it is time to engage in much-needed dialogue, and this semicentennial year offers us a meaningful opportunity to do so. In this call for papers, we are inviting contributions from wide-ranging perspectives in history, Indigenous studies, anthropology, cultural studies, literary studies, education, political sciences, women and gender studies, and other related areas. Proposals will be accepted until 22 April 2021, and successful participants will be contacted by 24 May 2021.
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