The casualization, digitalization, and outsourcing of academic labour: a wake-up call

Dear all,

I hope you are doing fine, within the limits of the current situation...

With view of the developing push for online education that has escalated during the outbreak of coronavirus, I am sharing here a short article I wrote about the link between casualisation, digitalisation, and outsourcing of academic labour through public-private partnerships. I think now more than ever this link should be quite a central concern for those of us studying and working at universities. The article is now up on FocaalBlog:

I do think we shoul all be concerned about what is happening as due to the virus we coudl be induced into a Beta trial, of sorts, of a process already underway, that I describe here with focus on the UK. A process of digitalisation via public-private partnerships will be made easier now that universities will be enforcing their digital infrastructure during the crisis. If we're not vigilant we could see this process boomeranging back with a lot of further consequences: ever greater privatisation and marketisation of the university, and ever more stratified workforce that academic trade unions will find ever more difficult to mobilise...