CFP SfAA 2020: Transforming and Reshaping General Education in Higher Education, Albuquerque, NM, 2020


Transforming and Reshaping General Education in Higher Education: Perspectives from Anthropology and the Applied Social Sciences

Session Organizers: Jennifer R. Wies and Hillary J. Haldane


The 21st century higher education policy and practice landscape is one simultaneously marked by uncertainty and hope. The value of higher education is being called into question and as a global community, we are engaged in a philosophical debate about the purpose of a degree. Nowhere are these tensions more present than in discussions and actions around general education.


Anthropologists and social scientists often find themselves at the forefront of general education programs on campus, attributed in part to a commitment to wide-reaching and holistic approaches. We invite session papers that address the following:

• efforts to meaningfully address “diversity”

• creating collaborative environments for general education management

• designing courses for general education delivery

• engaging marginalized students in general education courses

• innovative teaching and learning techniques specifically

• assessing general education

• advancing equity- and feminist-centered practices and assessment in general education

• and other general education focused topics


Please send 100-word abstracts to Jennifer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by October 1, 2019.


Please note that all participants will need to register and submit an abstract to the Society for Applied Anthropology meetings by October 15.

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