Call for Chapter Proposals: Social Reproduction and Ungovernable Life

We are re-circulating this call seeking additional contributions.

A chapter proposal is welcomed to an edited book by Wendy Russell and Lucas Savino, focussed on social reproduction as generative of sites of resistance. The book chapters will explore labour in the context of social reproduction, emphasizing this context as a site of radical contest of capitalist and colonial capture of day-to-day life. Case studies that explore the deliberate work of restoring, propagating and inventing ways to perform social reproduction that liberate them from manipulation by capitalist and colonial formations are ideal for this work. The intended audience is upper year undergraduate students who study economic change at the human scale, examine land-based, extra-legal, informal and temporary livelihoods, and the erosion of colonial capitalist hegemony.
Possible themes for case studies in the collection include:
• Resistance to colonial capture of social reproductive labour
• Autonomy from colonial and capitalist control through subsistence
• Embeddedness of bodies within collective, autonomous socio-political orders that enable social reproduction in
• Considerations of framings of social reproduction as ‘customary’, ‘pre-capitalist’ or ‘traditional’
• Social reproduction as reasserting ties to place/contesting colonial and capitalist capture of place
• Linkages of enterprise, informality and economic innovation in social reproduction
• Considerations of ‘salvage capitalism’, ‘precarity’ and ‘post-capitalism’
The editors Wendy Russell and Lucas Savino welcome individual and co-authored proposals from emerging scholars, community activist collectives, community-based scholars and established scholars. Expected length of chapter abstract or proposal is 250 to 300 words, due by August 15, 2019. Expected length of final chapters is 6,000-7,000 words. Proposed deadline for full chapters is November 30, 2019.

Please send inquiries and submit abstracts by email to Dr. Wendy Russell, Huron University, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..